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What Is Version 4?

Version 4 was created to accommodate multiple prospects with the same email address. If your Pardot org has the allow multiple prospects with the same email address (AMPSEA) feature enabled, then use version 4. If your Pardot org doesn’t have AMPSEA enabled, use version 3.

To determine if your Pardot org has AMPSEA enabled, check out this guide.

Transitioning from Version 3 to Version 4

If you want to enable AMPSEA in your Pardot account, use the following guidelines to keep using Pardot APIs.

Request Path Changes

Update your requests to use the /version/4 path. For example:





Prospect API Changes

Most of the differences between version 3 and version 4 are in the prospect APIs.

See the Prospect object documentation.

Opportunity API Changes

See the Opportunity Object documentation.

Visitor API Changes

See the Visitor Object documentation.